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Making money as a freelance designer is a fantastic opportunity, but it can be challenging for many people to determine how to get started in the field. It will be the perfect time to turn your hobby into a paying profession in 2023, the year when there will be an increase in the number of people working as freelance designers.

I’m assuming you came here because you’re considering going into freelance design work and want to know if it’s a wise decision. If so, keep reading. Especially in the current political and economic situation, making a significant career change can be filled with fear and anxiety. If you have the necessary resources, becoming a freelance designer is something that you can do even if you have a limited budget.

Bellow, I had concluded some tips I wish I had known when I started my freelance design business. So here you go. Spend the next five minutes reading them over! You might find something you’re looking for.

Developing your portfolio

People who value freedom in their professional lives but are unwilling to give up financial security may find more success as freelancers. Freelancing is an excellent option for employment for these kinds of people. On the other hand, freelancers have quite different opportunities for professional development and advancement compared to normal office workers. Your freelancer portfolio will become one of the most important career tools to help you improve your career and grow as an individual when you begin working as a freelancer.

Building your career and securing your finest prospects are greatly aided by your portfolio. You may ask, “Why do I need a portfolio if I haven’t begun freelancing yet?” When working with someone, you need to demonstrate your abilities and limitations. If you can show that you’ve got a solid base and are willing to put in the effort, you’re in excellent shape.

If you are still looking for the right time to build your portfolio because of your employment status, then you must learn time management first. Being freelance means working on your own term and being your own boss. You need to take control of yourself and work harder to succeed.

Learn how to market yourself

How can you separate from the crowd in the competitive freelancing industry and land the clients of your dreams?

Successful designers and those who want to grow their freelance businesses understand the importance of self-promotion. If you don’t advertise yourself, nobody will know that you can satisfy their artistic needs. Putting yourself out there for potential employers might be an unappealing prospect, especially if this is your first time doing it.

It doesn’t have to include elaborate strategies or any obnoxious salesmanship. The first step is brand awareness. Since you have a knack for telling tales, you’ve got this in the bag. Increase your client through organic means with some effort and dedication.

Think about pricing your services

The age-old question plagues virtually all people who operate independently is: how much money should you ask for your services? Should you negotiate a price that is set or figure it out on an hourly basis? What happens if the customer wants to haggle the price?

Let me tell you something: understanding how to price your work is not simple, especially if you are starting out. You need to count your cost of living, work value, the creativity you put in, your expertise, your time, and what you want to offer with that kind of price. This is the best time to learn how to price your work before dive in. Several YouTube channels and books have done the research for you; spend 30 minutes a day learning about pricing your work, and I guarantee you will learn more.


Project deliverables are the collection of the scope of the project. This plays such an important role and can be a game changer for your business. If you can systematize the design process and break down all of the intricacies of the investment, you will shine.

Your prospective client will be well-prepared for what is ahead and will have full faith in collaborating with you. As a freelancer, if you are able to convert this knowledge into physical assets, and particularly if you are able to do it in a way that allows it to be reused in the future to provide even more value, then you will earn bonus points.

Hire others to help you do the work

If you’re a full-time worker, it might be really hard for you to work as a freelance at the same time; hiring others to do the work for you can be time-saving and let you do the rest. There is a lot of nitty-gritty around the freelancing world, and you may give up and end up losing hope of being financially stable.

Just to recap…

I hope that this post helped. If you have any questions in mind or other cool resources, please leave them in the comments. If you just want to talk, feel free to reach out.

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