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Notion Second Brain Template

Notion is an all-in-one tool that lets you build your workspace and turn it into everything you want! Imagine like a web page. You can actually customize it based on your needs. Note-taking? Project management? File organization? Team? You literally can do a LOT of things with minimal distractions, which lets you focus on working on top of your project.

Over the years, I’ve tried out dozens of productivity tools. But, I keep coming back using Notion. I used to manage my creative business and almost everything I do, from social media, marketing, sales, client, and much more. Time is the only thing I have, and being productive makes me feel good. I like to keep things organized and stay on top of every task I am working on. The beautiful interface and minimalistic design are one of the reasons why I love Notion! I am using Notion to manage my professional life as a creative and my personal life as a university student.

When I refer someone to sign-up for Notion, they always ask me a couple of questions. One of the most is ‘What Notion is?’ or ‘Why should I use Notion?’.

I’d recommend anyone else to sign up for Notion since it’s free & the simplest way to build your life organization system. 

When I first started using Notion, I struggled a lot with how to build my Notion page from scratch. I had no idea how things worked in Notion. I am a little bit nowhere. My workplace got messed up due to my ignorance before I went through the learning curve during the past 2 years. And here I am; I decided to share a system that worked for me with others. 

Below, you’ll find a bunch of ideas on how to organize your whole life using Notion.

1. Track Your Routine

Track Your Routine

Repetition throughout the day is how habits are formed, and Notion keeps track of all of them. For the purpose of holding yourself accountable, I believe it is critical to record one’s undesirable behaviors. I am able to reference all of my workspaces inside the habit tracker that comes along with Notion, keeping track of all of this information is a breeze.

2. Managing Task & Ideas

Microdosing – Note-Taking System

I spend a lot of time writing, whether it’s my thoughts, journal, blog, or code. All of these need a well-thought-out process for capturing ideas, improving them, and then making them into real, shareable products of thought. Notion is my primary workspace, where I store almost everything. 

The task feature is the nerve center of your productivity, making your to-dos easy to manage:

  • To-Do: Your action items lined up for the taking.
  • Scheduled: No need to double up—synced directly with your calendar.
  • In Progress: Track tasks that are underway and gaining momentum.
  • Hold On: A parking spot for tasks that need a breather.

3. Store Your Collections

Interest – Store Your Collections

Notion is much more than a task management or note-taking tool. I am using Notion to store my personal collections or hobbies like a cool playlist I found on the internet, a book I recently read, my favorite movie I will go back to all the time, a podcast from my favorite author, and so on. 

4. Notion Budget & Finance Tracker

Wallet – Notion Budget & Finance Tracker

Keeping tabs on your expenditures allows you to maintain an active role in managing your financial situation, which is one of the most compelling arguments in favor of doing so. When you consistently keep an eye on how much money you are spending, it will be much easier to stick to your financial plan. It may even allow you to have some money left over each month. Notion is one of my favorite budgeting tools. It’s minimalist and easy to use!

5. Notion for Learning

Notion Language Hub

This is your dedicated space for professional growth and knowledge enhancement. It’s tailored for freelancers, creatives, business owners, and anyone who understand the value of continuous learning to stay ahead in their industries.

Easily access and manage a comprehensive list of courses and classes you’ve taken or plan to take. Get details on instructors, pricing, platforms, course types, and track your progress seamlessly. Take and organize notes effortlessly as you delve into new subjects. Your notes are directly linked to the courses you’re enrolled in, providing a seamless connection between learning and documentation. Capture fleeting thoughts, quick meeting notes, or any information that needs quick recording. It’s your rapid-fire tool for capturing essential details on the go.

6. Notion Creator OS

Creator OS

Social Media is an effective tool for increasing sales and generating leads. As a creative who makes a living through social platforms, you need to hold yourself organized with each and every activity you’re currently working on. Notion databases are pretty sophisticated for managing content development processes.

Free Notion Templates Resources

As promised, I will provide a further reference of my favorite notion templates. Most of them are free, and the rest will require you to pay. Simply click the button below to see what I’ve made for you!

Just to recap…

Notion is the ultimate multi-purpose workplace. Having just a single app that I can rely on is ideal. Before I started using Notion, I used to rely on a standalone calendar app, a notebook planner, Trello, and even a separate app for managing my to-do list. My Notion dashboard now has all of that information. Because of this, I am now even better at managing my time effectively.

I’ve been using Notion for a while now, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s given me a solid foundation upon which to build my personal and professional life. I’m looking forward to learning more about it since it’s one of the few programs I’ve been interested in for a long time.

I highly suggest Notion if you are in need of a coherent system in which to take effective notes and generally improve your life. Tell me about your favorite parts of the Notion app and how you put it to use in the comments below if you’re already a user.

I hope that this post helped. If you have any questions in mind, please leave them in the comments. If you just want to talk, feel free to reach out.

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